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Full Moon Mediation

Join us as we meditate and bask beneath the glow of the full hunter’s moon October 12. This Full Hunter's Moon is particularly intriguing because it may appear larger and more orange than a normal full moon due to the fact that it rises around sunset. The name of the Hunter's Moon is thought to come from Native American folklore. One explanation is that the period after the autumn harvest was a good time to go hunting in preparation for winter.

The full moon happens as Venus is entering Scorpio, a sign for love and new relationships, or intensifying old ones. Also, Venus in Scorpio loves to elevate financial matters for the better. So get ready to have Venus in Scorpio help everyone shine. A great time to meditate on abundance and connection.

Weather permitting on the rooftop, otherwise in the studio.

Regular class prices apply, come to the 6 pm class and the meditation is included.