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Yoga Vidya with Pablo Maha

3 Master Sessions

3 amazing 2.5 hour sessions Saturday May 26, noon to 2:30, Sunday May 27, noon to 2:30 and Tuesday May 29, 10 am to 12:30. Each designed to help you learn and practice skills to deepen and more fully understand your asana and meditation practice. Beginners can make a moderate effort and more experienced yogis can challenge themselves to varying degrees of intensity within the session.

Day 1, Saturday May 27, noon to 2:30 pm: Presentation, Yoga Asana practice, pranayama and meditation.

Day 2 Sunday May 28, noon to 2:30 pm:  Hatha Vinyasa Asana practice, yoga nidra, prathyahara, meditation, philosophy Yoga Sutras.

Day 3 Tuesday May 29, 10 to 12:30:  Hatha Yoga Asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy (Yoga Upanishads) 

[ 45 each session  /  110 for all three / Member and yoga teacher discounts ]

Space is limited and reservations recommended. For more information or to reserve, contact us here on the website.