Sunday Funday

Sun: 10a-11.30a


Sunday Funday is a Vinyasa Flow practice with a focus on play to improve the ability to enter poses. Often there is a focus on arm balances but always there is a focus on playing to open the mind and body. 


Vinyasa Flow

Mon - Fri: 8.30 - 9.45


Vinyasa Flow  is a practice where we move fluidly between postures (asanas) in rhythm with the breath, often using sun salutations as the means to do so. The word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way,” like yoga poses.



Tues, Thur & Fri:  6p - 7:30p & Sat: 10a - 11:30am


Iyengar  yoga is Hatha Yoga with a deeper focus on alignment than many other Hatha classes. The practice is based in the tradition of the style's founder, BKS Iyengar who not only developed the particular style but also many of the props we use in Iyengar ygoa to enter the postures in an aligned and safe manner. BKS Iyengar also wrote the books Light on Yoga and Light on Life.


Yin Yang

Fri: 10a - 11.15am


Yin Yang is a practice that incorporates the Slowness of a Yin practice with the movement of Vinyasa Flow as a finishing sequence. Participants are allowed to put the openness acquired in their slow long holds of Yin postures into movement within Vinyasa Flow sequences. 


Roll & Release

Sat: 8.30a - 9.45am


Roll and Release is a Vinyasa Flow practice where we use massage balls to deepen the release of stored tensions in the body. Massage balls are used on specific parts of the body within a gentle flow practice to give a deep massage and release tension. 



Sat: 6p - 7:30pm


Restorative is a slow practice with the poses supported and generally reclining. Supported poses are held between 3 and 10 minutes but, unlike in Yin, participants are encouraged to relax into the poses rather than looking for the deepest posture possible. The result is deep relaxation and restoration of the bodies energy levels. 


Rhythmic Flow

Mon: 10 - 11.15am


Rhythmic Flow is a vinyasa flow practice but moving in rythm to a musical beat. While the breath is our guide, Flavio enhances the breath with music and moves through asanas in that rhythm with a focus on enjoying the flow and the grace acquired with repetition in the asanas. 

Pilates and Yin Yoga

Weds: 10 - 11.30am

Acro Yoga

Weds: 6 - 7.30pm


Pilates and Yin Yoga In Chinese philosophy, yin yang describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary and interconnected. In this new class,  Adele will start with Pilates, a Yang practice with a  focus on strength, alignment, posture and core.  She will then move into the Yin Yoga asanas  to cultivate mindfulness and body awareness.  The slow and long held poses increase circulation in joints as well as improving flexibility.  Yin yoga aims to relax, release and focus mind and body and seal the strength and alignment that Pilates puts into your body. 

Acro yoga is a type of partner yoga that uses the participants bodies to achieve balancing postures that are unmanageable alone. It increases concentration, improves strength, balance and trust and is loads of fun. Join us Wednesday nights at 6 pm with Flavio as we explore this form of yoga that has origins in the deep traditions of yoga and acrobatics. 

  Printable Calendar.  English and Spanish

Printable Calendar. English and Spanish