Deepen your practice. Explore new yoga methods. Work with amazing teachers.

Amaze yourself as you get to know yourself at Tribal’s world class yoga studio. From the hardwood floors to the hand picked instructors and each fresh towel or essential oil, you feel the love that is the essence of Tribal. Founder Joanne Fanny Barry, artist, writer, engineer and yoga teacher, built this studio for great yoga – nothing more, nothing less. If you are looking for big, new or hip perhaps you try another studio in Tulum. But if you are looking for the best and most authentic yoga studio and practice, built with the student and teacher in mind, come to Tribal.

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15 minute Yoga Series

Do you find yourself missing Tribal Tulum when you are away? We hear that a lot. Feed your soul and your body with a quick 15 minute fix brought to you seasonally by Fanny Barry. Until you can join us again, a little Tribal yoga is better then no Tribal yoga!



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Get Your Warrior On