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Submerse yourself in magical Tulum at Tribal Tulum’s world class yoga studio, dive center and loft apartments. Tribal Yoga helps you touch your breath and take your practice deeper especially if you decide to carry your yoga with you to a scuba or free diving experience. Stay with us in fantastically comfortable loft apartments and live within seconds of your practice – yoga or diving. Our yoga is diverse in its scope and our teachers are among the best in the area. Our partner scuba and free dive instructors at Acuatic Tulum can help you carry your breath into the ancient cenote waters that were part of the Mystic Mayan culture.

Stay with us and feel the difference.   


About Us


Tribal yoga is more than just a great yoga studio, it is a tribe of amazing people with vast and varied experiences that led them to Tulum. My partner in the business and in life is Alex Alvarez, one of the "banda original" here in Tulum. He has been here since 1993 and we met practicing yoga. I have been here since 2004, and have a special connection to the place in that I believe I came here to die, and I almost did! Read my memoir, Map of Life and Beauty, to find out more. However, here I was given the privilege of living fully and it resonates in this wonderful studio we call Tribal, the shalla that surrounds it and the amazing connection we create in the studio to the breath and the body.  

My teachers and I are connected in special ways, some of them were my students over the years. All of them have been my teachers on and off the mat while that I have owned and managed this very exciting and wonderful project. Tribal is a place where we hold space for the yogic mind body connection, where we laugh and grow and play and where "we get our warrior on!" It is also where we connect our breath to activity off the mat, like diving, both scuba and freediving and even snorkeling and floating. We connect to our breath off the mat in some of the most magnificent natural areas above and below the surface of the water.


Our Studio

I built this studio with great yoga in mind. Nothing else. Tribal's hard wood floors, natural light with oversized windows, our wall cords, solid baseboard and minimal wall space speak to that. When you enter, you feel it: yoga, peace, energy, love, tears and sweat. You feel all of it because it is all there. From me, the owner, to my teachers and students, we have all grown and continue to grow here. Om Peace Om Love Om Light! Bring your warrior on over!